First Time, Long Time

First Time, Long Time with Chris Mueller and Kraig Riley

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First Time, Long Time Quickie

Wednesday, June 6th
Lots of morality talk on today's episode. We first start with the worst coach in the NFL in terms of having to play for him (0:41 to 4:29). A teacher in Philly...

Tapeworms And Polygamy

Friday, May 25th
A Blue Jackets prospect was sick for a year...then he pooped out a 25-inch tapeworm (0:46 to 9:39). Ronaldinho is marrying two women and we try to figure out...

Who The F Is Tom Brady?

Thursday, May 10th
Jeff Hathhorn drops in to start today's podcast (1:09 to 11:43). Ichiro doesn't know who the hell Tom Brady is (11:43 to 15:44). Rafael Palmiero (53-years-old...