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AB Teaming Up With Burfict

Wednesday, March 20th
AB says "it's all good" with him and Vontaze Burfict being teammates now with the Raiders. We talk about that and how AB could be OK with this move.

Jennifer Hawkins Of Visit Pittsburgh

Wednesday, March 20th
Executive Director of Sports Pittsburgh Jennifer Hawkins joins us to talk about how popular the NCAA Wrestling tournament is that will be taking place at PPG...

The Pens Blow Another One

Wednesday, March 20th
The Pens blew it...again. The guys aren't happy with the way Sullivan reacted to the game, they want him to come out and say this can't keep happening. Andrew...

Pens Insider Jason Mackey

Tuesday, March 19th
Jason says this is a big game in that there are playoff lives on the line but it's not a make or break for the Pens. Jason tells us the biggest topic of...